AcroYogaDance Academy Online

AcroYogaDance Academy has launched online! A unique learning experience with expert AcroYogaDance Teachers. We take you through inspiring sequences and flows whilst learning the syllabus of AcroYogaDance. The Academy unleashes your creativity, whilst developing skill and allows space for your individual take on AcroYogaDance

What are the Steps

  • Step 1
    Free video analysis consultation. Sign up!
  • Step 2
    After having a look at your practice and having a conversation with you, we can then take a look at where in the syllabus suits you and your partner.
  • Step 3
    Send unlimited videos for video analysis (48 hour review), with access to the syllabus online.

Pricing Plan




Basic 3 month plan

AcroYoga Online video Analysis & Coaching

(Includes your partner!)





Simple, basic features and instant access to amazing case studies

Acroyogadance academy

We progress everyone with AcroYogaDance methods by using our AcroYogaDance syllabus. This is an ongoing programme with a minimum of 3 months commitment, focusing on technique, training, syllabus, performance and creative.

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