While yoga explores the union of mind, body & spirit, AcroYogaDance explores the union between two people as a creative artform.  

It's a patient journey where unfamiliar poses become elegant transitions and challenging sequences eventually flow like a moving meditation.  We give you the very best tools to develop your personal practice and your ability to teach and support others.

We all grow and develop skills much because of the supportive, encouraging and inclusive environment which Pip and Eugene facilitate. AcroYoga Dance is combining so many of the things I love - so much that I now find myself studying on their teacher training, to inspire others the way they inspire me. 

Julie Havelund/ AYD Trainee

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✔ All Trainings take place in AcroYogaDance Studio, London Bridge UK

✔ 1​0-5pm each day


£1997 - Paid in Full

£2250 - (x3 £750) Installments



                                            FEBRUARY 14 - 25th  (Only 30 Places)

                                            MAY 31 - 11th JUNE  (Only 30 Places)

                                              AUGUST 21 - 31st  (Only 30 Places)

The Teacher Training is built around the AcroYogaDance syllabus. Students start at Level 1, and develop good foundations before progressing to Level 2, 3 etc. The learning curve between levels allows students to progress at a pace that works for them & also provides you with a structure to support students with different ability & experience.

AcroYogaDance studio, UK's first dedicated AcroYoga space now hosts all UK AcroYogaDance Teacher Trainings

When applying for the AcroYogaDance Teacher Training, we assess each student individually.  Teaching experience of a mindful movement practice like yoga is an advantage. 

Pip & Eugene have created an incredibly supportive & caring community, family of acroyogis where everyone is valued and encouraged. I’ve enjoyed it so much I’m doing their Teacher Training

Pippa Berger / AYD Trainee

AcroYogaDance loves bringing beautiful and elegant transitions, making them simple so that with practice can evolve into stunning sequences which eventually will feel like a dance. 

We will to give you the tools to walk away feeling confident in your own practice as well as being competent on how to coach others and run structured classes. 

Repetition is the mother of skill which will enable you to feel the movement and automatically respond to your partner with fluidity and grace.

We hope this answers the majority of your questions. We are also here to answer any further questions. Please save this link for easy reference. To register and secure your place, click Register button provided at the top or bottom of this page.