AcroYogaDance Academy is a unique learning experience whilst being part of a loving family. We take you through inspiring sequences and flows whilst learning the Art of AcroYogaDance. The Academy unleashes your creativity, whilst developing skill and allows space for your individual take on AcroYogaDance.

AcroYogadance attracts like minded individuals and since last year (September) we have been running a Academy, where the students see the same people each week. Its become a very cosy AcroYogaDance Family and is the highlight of our week (and hopefully theirs too)!

The main reason for the Academy was we were not seeing students progress enough or reach closer to their capabilities before we launched the Academy. Since then we have had major break throughs, we’ve got bases basing both reverse and hand to hand (which was far from a dream last year) Flyers, taking it like a duck to water - with of course, still goals and things they’d like to achieve.


-Consistent Practice with the same students

  • -Accelerate your learning & technique with the syllabus
  • -Progressive sequences from the AcroYogaDance Syllabus
  • -Padded Floor Studio
  • -New Technology to help progress in both Handstands and AcroYoga
  • -2.5 hours practice a week
  • -Automatically enrolled for Drop in for Fridays Creative Training (& meet others from different Academies of the week)
  • -Opportunities for performance (Wilderness Festival was our last big performance)
  • -Become part of the AcroYogaDance growing Family

There are different approaches to AcroYoga. Our approach is AcroYogaDance is a partner yoga practice which embraces partnership and evolves into a moving meditation. AcroYogaDance is an art form, something wonderful not only the partners practicing it but also to those who witness it. We love bringing beautiful and elegant transitions, making them simple so that with practise can evolve into stunning sequences which eventually will feel like a dance. Repetition is the mother of skill which will enable you to feel the movement and automatically respond to your partner with fluidity and grace.

Our Academy is held at the AcroYogaDance Studio in London bridge. We have 2 Academies Every Wednesday and Thursday 7.30 - 9.30pm with possibility of other Academies opening in January. We hold trials at the studio to assess whether you are ready for the academy. If you are interested in enrolling and would like a trial, please click the link below