The AcroYoga School, 12 CPD

Location: Jubilee Hall, Covent Garden
Time: 3-8pm (sat), 12-6pm (sun)
When: 4/5th November, Full Weekend)


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Are you a Yoga Teacher or similar and intrigued by AcroYoga?

Then join us for The AcroYoga School (in association with AcroYogaDance) this November in London. Our program covers how to master the AcroYoga foundations and you will be introduced to Dynamic sequencing. Discover and study in-depth methodology of how and why ‘your vision defines your practice’ (and others that practice with you).
We have highest standards in its realm with full coverage and certifications under Yoga Alliance UK. With over 50 years of collaborative experience in AcroYoga, Yoga, and Dynamic Movement has formed this school. We are thrilled to share our knowledge with you.

Skills covered:

• AcroYoga Foundations
•Beginners Flow
• Handstands & Inversions
• Foot2hand & hand2hand
• Spotting
•Fascia Release
Yoga Practioner/Teacher or Movement Background for minimum 2 years.

– If you don’t know if you meet these requirements, please get in contact Info@acroyogadance.com
**This course fulfills a pre-requisite for the AcroYogaDance School**


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